The Debunkers vs. John Oliver on abortion

One of my all time favorite youtube channels is Freedomtoons, a channel devoted to informing about and satirizing many bizarre notions in our society.  The author has several recurring characters, two of which are the Debunkers, two hoity toity sounding intellectuals who spend their days debunking youtube videos in a bunker.  The channel recently released a very good video debunking the comedian John Oliver who was attempting to cover (or rather mock) crisis pregnancy centers (CPC’s).  These are organizations devoted to giving people information about pregnancy, preserving human life, and averting abortion.

At any rate, the video is hilarious and very spot on.  Now, if you are pro-choice, rather than clicking the X above, why not watch the video and expose yourself to some counter arguments to your position?  What strikes me about this video is the overall level of propaganda and undefended assumptions that John Oliver has about abortion.  For example, why do so many pro-choice advocates equate choice with abortion?  Why do they assume that anyone who is trying to avert abortion is somehow disingenuous or stupid?  Why does anti-abortion always mean anti-woman or anti-choice to pro-choicers? Actually most crisis pregnancy centers want women to have all the information and options available to make a more informed choice.  Statistically, women who have a sonogram, tend to overwhelmingly choose to have the baby.  Thus these CPC’s that offer free sonograms end up averting quite a few abortions.  And while these organizations are crafty in how they market themselves, they are no less crafty than Planned Parenthood, an organization that actually profits from people not planning and not being parents.


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