Michael Shuman

Humanities teacher and all round thinker.  I invite truth-seeking dialogue.


A military kid who moved from one end of the country to other, Michael called a lot of places home. His traveler’s spirit followed him into his twenties where he continued to move around landing all sorts of odd, illustrious jobs like valet parking, customer service, and door-to-door sales. He eventually earned a Bachelor of Science in English Education from the University of Central Missouri and taught High School English for six years. Michael and his wife live in Denver where he completed a Master of Divinity with a concentration in Apologetics and Ethics from Denver Seminary. He also teaches humanities part time at Arma Dei Academy, a Classical Christian School.


I study philosophy, history, and the Bible. My interests also include: fantasy/sci-fi literature, classical literature (especially the Russian novelists), psychology, spiritual formation, film, politics, art, and personal development.  I point people towards a mutual discerning of the truth in an age of self-deception.  Follow me at twitter, facebook, or linkedin.  Email me at mike.shuman1@gmail.com.  Also, check out another website I contribute to: Christianguard.com.